Looking at Violence from the Gender Perspective ;-P

International Conference, Hamburg
November 12-14, 2008

Plan’s international campaign “Learn without Fear” envisions a world where children can go to school in safety and expect a quality learning experience without fear of threats of violence. The conference provided a forum for international experts to link research results with practical experiences.

Violence in Schools

The 2006 UN world report on Violence against Children has shown the multiple dimensions of violence in schools and its impact on the learning environment and social development of girls and boys. Children and adolescents are affected by violence in schools at different levels both as victims and as perpetrators.

The Gender Perspective

Considering gender relations as an important aspect of violence in schools contributes to the development of appropriate and sustainable means to prevent and reduce violence in schools.

Gender Sensitive Recommendations

In four working groups the participants formulated draft recommendations and action points.

On the level of “in school interventions” they looked at what teachers and students can do. Regarding the “out of school interventions” the responsibilities and support of governments as well as communities and parents were discussed. All working groups highlighted especially the gender dimension.

The Conference Program has been developed in association with the Centre for International Education at the University of Sussex, the UK.

The presentations given during the conference are available now.


Learn Without Fear - Conference report
Learn without Fear - Youth in action against violence in schools

Gesine Schwan

“I strongly encourage all stakeholders to promote an active and gender-sensitive policy against school violence so that all children can realise their right to a violence-free education.”

Photo: Heide Fest
Europa-Universität Viadrina

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